Starting Aikido

“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”
– Lao Tzu

Whether your motivation for learning about Aikido is a desire to increase your level of fitness, acquire self-defense skills, pursue spiritual discipline, or just plain curiosity, Aikido of Bombay welcomes you to join us. If you are new to the study of the martial arts making the commitment to begin your study can sometimes be intimidating. Based on our experience we have some advice to offer.

The practice of Aikido is a study of martial principles that lead to an effective system of self-defense. The goal of Aikido technique is not to destroy your opponent but to show proper conduct. Aikido techniques, based on a series of pins and throws, are designed to de-escalate a violent encounter, protecting both you and your opponent from irrevocable harm. It is a sophisticated approach that takes serious study. Of course, you cannot control a violent situation unless you can control yourself. Learning to control one’s own actions and motivations is perhaps Aikido’s biggest challenge for its practitioners.

Come and watch a class to get a feel for what Aikido is and the atmosphere of the dojo. At the end of class we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Download our Beginner’s Handbook(AOM) to learn more about what Aikido is and the mission of our dojo.

Download our beginner’s handbook

Grading Examination requirements from 5th Kyu onwards

Grading Examination requirements from 10th Kyu to 6th Kyu.

Allow yourself to make at least a three-month commitment to your practice. This is a good amount of time to begin to feel comfortable and confident that you are on the right track and decide if Aikido is for you or not.

There are no special beginner classes. You may join at any time. Everyone trains at their own pace and skill level, guided by the instructor.

Joining Aikido of Mumbai is easy. After a brief interview with the instructor you simply fill out an application, provide 2 passport-size pictures for an ID card, address proof and pay your fees. Joining Fees are Rs.4000 which includes registration, mat fee for two months and uniform fees. Payment of the fees allows you to practise at any Aikido of Mumbai Dojo.

We hope to see you on the mat soon.

The minimum age for practice is 07 years. Younger students receive special attention.