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Physical Security

About book:
Security Gyaneshwari is perhaps the first book of its kind in Hindi to delve into the ten principles of physical security. Hindi is the primary language of most security professionals in India. For such professionals, the innumerable physical security books in English are of little use; they are either too expensive or too incomprehensible or both.
In this age of high levels of competitiveness, everyone deserves a shot at upgrading skills and enhancing training, and this book provides the necessary tools for that. Simple and easy to understand, Security Gyaneshwari aims to reach out to and benefit the large majority of security professionals in India.

About author:
D. B. Rai is a security industry veteran with almost thirty years of experience. Over these three decades, he has led the security of many prominent corporate houses in India and gained a wealth of specialist expertise. He is a recipient of many international security certifications and awards. Rai has also gained credence as a dedicated and highly skilled martial arts practitioner and trainer in these three decades. His trainees have included some well-placed and eminent government and corporate security officers. Rai is currently the security director of an Indo-American international school in Mumbai.

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