Sensei Paritosh Kar

Sensei Paritos Kar was born in the small town of Cooch Behar in West Bengal. A friend introduced him to Aikido, while he was in Japan studying at the Language Institute of Tokyo. In 1987, after studying Japanese for two years, he started his Aikido training. Sensei Kar has over fifteen years of training in Aikido, including five years in a special Aikido Academy.

Paritos has trained under many of the senior ranking teachers at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. He is indebted to teachers like the late Doshu, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, his son, Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu; Okumura Sensei and Yamaguchi Sensei. He is also grateful to the Aikido academy and the teachers at the time: Seki Sensei, Osawa Sensei, Kobayashi Sensei and Kanazawa Sensei.

In 1994 he went to far eastern Russia to teach Aikido and received tremendous positive responses from his students. But faced with the choice to either stay in Russia or to return to his birth country, Sensei Kar made the decision to return to India. Now living in New Delhi with his own dojo, Paritos wishes to popularize Aikido, still relatively unknown in this country, in order to help spread O-Sensei’s message of peace. Besides holding a 5th Dan blackbelt, Sensei Kar, who is fluent in six languages, also teaches Japanese.

DB Rai Aikido

DB Rai “DB” started practicing Karate in year 1984 under great martial artist Pervez B Mistry Shihan-8th Dan in karate style of Okinawan Go-Ju Ryu, headed by Shihan Morio Higaonna-10th Dan. DB passed his 5th Dan grading exam under the world’s famous grading panel (Morio Higaonna Shihan-Okinawa, Bakkies Laubscher Shihan-South Africa & Kazuo Terauchi Shihan-Japan) in 2012, Okinawa. During his young age, he participated in many state & national karate championship in kata & kumite categories. He passed his 4th Dan black belt AIKF exam in year 2004. Afterwards, he left sport karate with Shihan Mistry and concentrated only on traditional karate. He still practices under the guidance of Shihan Pervez Mistry in his hombu dojo.

In year 2007, DB joined American School of Bombay (ASB) as Director-Security & Facilities. He came in contact with Sensei Brian Reverman-5th dan black belt in Aikido, who was running Aikido class in ASB. He started practicing Aikido under him. Sensei Brian Reverman left for Beijing in the year 2010. Being a senior student DB then took charge of dojo. Under the guidance of Paritos Kar Sensei he continued to run the Mumbai Aikido Dojo. He is now practicing under Nobutaka Kitajima Sensei -2nd Dan who is a direct student of Hiroshi Tada Shihan-9th dan. DB passed his 1st dan black belt of Aikido in Mar, 2014 under Aikikai grading panel consisting of Makoto Ito Shihan-6th dan and Jun Satodate Sensei 3rd dan. He is the first person from Mumbai who passed Aikikai black belt grading. Being the founding member of Aikido of Mumbai, DB runs classes and represents Aikido of Mumbai in National and International forums. As part of his training he spent a month in Aikikai Hombu Dojo practicing with senior instructors.
In addition to Aikido and Karate DB has more than 30 years’ experience of physical security management and martial arts. During which time has trained various government para- military forces, corporate security teams and private security agencies.